A preview of three mobile screens of the Sage application, showing the loading view, home page, and produce information page.



Sage is a mobile application that teaches the user the best ways to store different types of produce and tracks the freshness of the user's own produce in order to reduce food waste.


Food is commonly thrown out as a result of consumers either forgetting about it until it spoils or storing it ineffectively. College students especially struggle with this as they adjust to living on their own while balancing work and school.


Sage lets users keep a record of the produce they purchase, sorted by freshness, type, and other custom tags the user may add to organize their inventory. Users can learn how to best store their produce by searching for specific items and clicking them.


Sage is the brain-child of an interdisciplinary team consisting of myself and three fellow students of UCI's Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences. Our team conceptualized Sage over the course of a Design-a-thon hosted by Design At UCI, a student-led organization focusing on UI/UX and graphic design.


UI Designer, UX Researcher


April 2021 - June 2021

Style Guide

In keeping with the theme of environmentalism, organic palettes and shapes were primarily considered when creating a style guide to work from. Warm shades of brown and bright colors one may find in a summer harvest were incorporated into the app's design to evoke users' thoughts about including fruits and vegetables in their diets.

Live Prototype